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 is home to Austin Peay State University, a public four year university, drawing students from across the country and the world. Searches for real estate Clarksville TN are popular not only for students, but for the faculty that the university also brings. Homes for sale and rental properties go fast in the Clarksville market. Purchasing an investment property can be an extremely lucrative investment in ClarksvilleClarksville is also home to Fort Campbell, which brings a large number of active duty, retired personnel, and contractors. One of the fastest growing cities in theUnited StatesClarksville has defied the nation’s downward trend in the real estate market. In fact,Clarksville has remained one of the most successful real estate markets in the country.


Home values of real estate Clarksville TN have steadily risen, and home owners are typically seeing their property increase in value, despite the slumps found in the rest of the country. Any time, especially now, is a great time to look into Clarksville real estate. Current home owners have been pleasantly surprised over the past few years as their homes have in many instances not lost value, and owners of rental properties have not had a lack of renters. In the Clarksville area, interest rates have also remained low as the city experiences steady growth. Search for your next Clarksvilleproperty today!

Randy Worcester
Randy Worcester
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