Avalar Real Estate is the leading buyers team in the Clarksville Montgomery county Fort Campbell area. Randy and Tiffany are some of the few Realtors with a license in both Tennessee and Kentucky. We are one of the few teams in Clarksville with several full time staff people. We are proud to be affiliated with Avalar Real Estate. Here is what a client had to say about our team!

"We feel that Avalar went above and beyond when it came to advertising our home and we were astounded at how many sites actually carried our listing! We learned of this by typing our address into Google and personally seeing that the first seven or more hits were links that featured our home. Each link was complete with photos, agent contact information, and the MLS listing! It was obvious to us that Randy, Peggy, and the team at Avalar were doing their best to get our home SOLD. We received information that showed how often our home was viewed on-line and we felt this was an exceptional touch that catered to our needs as sellers. This feature really let us know how well our home was advertised. Thank you to the Avalar team! By-the-way, three of our friends have now purchased with Avalar and two others have sold theirs; can you tell that we believe in you guys?" 

James & Jennifer
Randy Worcester
Randy Worcester
2680 Trenton Rd Suite 400 Clarksville TN 37040